Mental Health and Wellness Services

Australia is one of the best nations in the world for people to be happy and peaceful. Still 20% of Australians suffer with mental illness. The most common mental illness is depression, anxiety, substance use disorder. The National Mental Health Commission stated the cost of mental health is 60 billion dollars per year in Australia. The expenditure on mental health in Australia is 9 billion dollars. Mental illness is also contributing to homelessness, suicides, addictions, increased prisoners etc.

A simple solution to mitigate the trauma is developing inner strength through knowledge, meditation and breathing techniques. Art of living (AOL) is one of the biggest humanitarian and charitable organisations in the world.

Dr Krishna initiated and ran several workshops for mental wellness in Canberra. Mental wellness workshops were held recently by Fair Canberra in March and September 2023. He facilitated two workshops for the senior citizens and members of the Multicultural Association of Canberra in December 2022 and June 2023. He runs sessions regularly for members of disadvantaged migrants and women empowerment programs.

Dr Krishna felicitated several AOL courses such as Happiness, Silence, Excell for Children, Youth Empowerment (YES), DSN and Satvik Cooking. Further, Dr Krishna gave public talks on Mental Health and nurturing spirituality for global peace to Rotarians in Australia and Overseas.

Dr Krishna has set the initiatives to establish a Living Wellness Centre in Canberra. Currently, the AOL centre is running regularly at Gungadeera Homestead on every Saturday.  To raise the awareness of Yoga to improve the community`s health and well-being, Dr Krishna is organizing International Day of Yoga and Yogathon in Canberra regularly.