Humanitarian Services

Dr Krishna has been active in humanitarian services with compassion. By providing leadership to organisations and volunteers he has championed activities to support vulnerable people. 

Prisoners Rehabilitation

Dr Krishna is a teacher of Art of Living (AOL) and Strategic Advisor for the AOL Foundation Australia. AOL is one of the biggest volunteers based and not-for-profit organisations in the world. Sri Sri Ravishankar the founder of AOL says “A disease-free body, a stress-free mind and a violence-free society are the birth right of every individual”.

Dr Krishna facilitated the Prison SMART courses in Alexander Maconochie Centre in Canberra to provide an opportunity to break the cycle of violence, guilt and self-blame. “Every person in the prison is crying for help whether the person is a culprit or an innocent” and needs help.

Refugees Support

Dr Krishna, President of Fair Canberra Inc. (FAC) is always supporting disadvantaged families who choose Canberra as their city after traumatic life challenges. Fair Canberra (FC) takes several initiatives to empower.  FC provides school kits to the children of disadvantaged families in a primary school. Under his leadership, FC collaborated with Migration and Refugees Settlement Services (MARSS), Hellenic Club and Fair Human Foundation towards serving for empowerment. A Gala Dinner is organised to raise funds to support the disadvantaged communities from Afghanistan.

Save Lives

Dr Krishna initiated 108 blood donors and Stem Cells Donations drive programs regularly since 2017 through Canberra Hindu Mandir. As part of the International Day of Blood Donors, Krishna initiated the promotion of “Save Lives” to encourage registration of blood donors in Canberra. He is an active donor himself as a role model. 

There were more than 70 new blood donors registered to donate blood. He initiated another drive recently in collaboration with Fair Canberra, Federation of Indian Associations of ACT and Canberra Hindu Mandir.

As a State Coordinator of Art of Living (AOL) Foundation, he initiated a Stem Cell Donations Awareness Program in 2018 for Bone Marrow Stem Cell Donors for the Life Blood, a life-saving effort for cancer patients. AOL is preparing for the drive in 2024.