Climate Change Adaptation and Safer Communities

Dr Krishna is highly educated in environmental science and has several decades of experience in disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation. His contributions of developing a national capability to manage and mitigate disaster risk in Australia and globally.

Change is inevitable and the climate is also changing for millions of years. Unfortunately, human activities are bringing a rapid change. Though it is a global phenomenon, every nation, state, local and individual must be planned to mitigate before collateral damage happens.

Dr Krishna Nadimpalli led the develop a system to inform what is exposed to disasters for the nation which is addressing the national disaster risk reduction in Australia. He was also an advisor for developing nations and global programs for many years which empowered many nations to be ready for disaster response. He delivered several plausible catastrophic disasters simulated and likely impacts presented which has reduced the national risk significantly. Dr Krishna was a chair and made a difference at many conferences and workshops across the nation and internationally. His contributions are helping the nation’s resilience as part of the safer communities.

Dr Krishna made significant contributions for Climate Change Adaptation for the nation. His contributions are addressing the mitigation strategies and responding to the national priorities for example the buildings and infrastructure to be “Build Back Better” to cope up to the change. The nation is able to assess the socio-economic and environmental impacts for the future.

Climate change adaptation and safer communities